Terri Gordon




Terri Gordon currently serves as the Director of 1 on 1 Technical College of Birmingham.  She has direct and daily interaction with both students and faculty alike.  Playing a vital role in the day to day operations, she is the requisite person that builds a great rapport with everyone in the building.  Terri has spent the majority of her career as a manager in both public and private leased housing communities. She also served the Birmingham City School system as a para-professional in special education; and worked as an Administrative Coordinator for a local hospital which has leant greatly to her ability to communicate effectively across every spectrum.  She is a skilled administrator and has brought her positive personality, professionalism and excellent organizational skills to the 1 on 1 family.  With a passion for helping to elevate others to their full potential, she offers assistance, wisdom, sound judgement and encouragement to the student body even after hours and on weekends.


Terri is very personable and has an open door policy.   Whether she is on campus or out in the field, you will definitely hear about the excellent educational opportunities offered at 1 on 1 Technical College of Birmingham.  Terri demonstrates the epitome in grace and understanding but has a firm grasp of the requirements for class participation and ultimately individual certification.  Ms. Gordon is a rare talent that endeavors to ensure the success of the college as a whole and the students in particular.

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